2022: The era of anti-aging treatments and Facial Harmonization

Facial harmonization

It is important to understand that aging is a daily, sincerely, it's not so! And no one is alien to him; but, through various treatments, we can maintain the production of those responsible for our aging (collagen and elastin), always in activity.

In Medilightmore to offer services botulinum toxin, fillers and other treatments, face and body, we offer a service diagnosis to define the plan needed to reach that facial harmonization you want and need.

What is the facial harmonization?

The Facial Harmonization is not a specific treatment, is a set of different treatments that are considered for achieving the end result and individual to each patient in particular.

It is the combination of different treatments, which will allow you to achieve a harmonization of the face, and that over time will continue to see the rejuvenation.

Facial harmonization

What is the procedure?

We started improving the condition of the skin, texture, spots, pores, veins, and the other which give an imbalance in the skin, and follow with the lines of expression, which we mainly worked with botulinum toxin, and depending on the case, consider other treatments, such as threads, lasers, fillers, and others, to integrate the diagnosis and offer a complete harmonization without surgery.

Woman applying facial Harmonization

Of course, there must be a combination with treatments and daily habits as removing all make-up, to cleanse the face, apply serums and moisturizer to protect daily sun with sunscreen. Good eating habits and of course, the recommended maintenance for each treatment. It is a team work.

In Medilight we have all the treatments available of what your face needs. That's why I invite you to agendes your appointment for an assessment so that together, we achieve that face that you want. If you keep the skin in a continuous stimulus, it will continue looking fresh and rejuvenated. +1 (786) 413-0785 | @medilightcenter

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