All about the spots on the skin, their origin and how to combat them

Spots on the skin

The spots on the skin

Today we will be talking about a problem that affects many; The stains, it is changes in the uniformity of the color of a particular area of the skin, which presents an aesthetic problem that can be mitigated or treated with the appropriate choice of a professional treatment.

It is important to know that the hyperpigmentation spot is a problem that suffer both skin young and skins are more mature. Created by the excessive production of melanin distributed irregularly on the surface of the skin. This builds up in some places, forming spots on the skin.

But, What is melanin?

It is a substance produced by our body, responsible for giving color to the skin and acts as a defense mechanism against solar radiation. That is, sometimes the skin is a accumulation of melanin is not uniform, appearing in the form of stains.

And now How are these spots on my skin?

Sun exposure has an influence on any kind of blemish on the skin, well it's getting dark transiently (freckles, moles) or permanent (melasma), or favoring its appearance in a skin without spots (lentigos or age spots, pigmentations postinflamatorias). Therefore, any measure intended to combat or prevent the appearance of spots on the skin has to be always associated with the sun protection.

Here we must also include external factors, such as: acne, stress, a poor diet, causing processes irritative skin, internal and external, that stimulate the excessive synthesis of melanin in the skin.

In addition, it also spots appear related to age or the aging of the skin, which are those called “spots, senile”. Within the process of hyperpigmentation of the skin aging is another factor that favors the appearance of spots. 

Woman with dark Spots on the skin

Now, I will tell you about the most common stains that are sure you can quickly identify

  1. Freckles and moles : Appear in childhood/adolescence and, unless otherwise instructed by the dermatologist, do not require treatment.
  1. The lentigos solares: this Is an aesthetic problem common in skin of both young and mature. For those who suffer this type of spots, typically worry as much by them as by the appearance of wrinkles. These types of stains have different shades of brown, and accumulate on the areas most exposed to the sun ( face, hands, neck), especially in people with fair skin that does not tan easily. In they co-exist an excess of pigment in normal skin (melanin). Although they do not require treatment, it is common to want to atenuarlas and delete them.

Do you want to know how to treat the blemishes on your skin?

Treatment for stains on the skin Medilight Center

First of all you have to know that it is important to treat the stains so overall, getting to the source of the melanogenesis and blocking all the processes that lead to hyperpigmentation spot.

There are several treatments that will help you improve the appearance of these spots, the best for this is the laser, and combined with other techniques such as, microneedling, microinfusion, or PRP, the color of the spots will lower to clarify completely the face, there is a facial peel chemical that is wonderful for the spots, but remember to place you always sunscreen, hydrate and get well and maintain a healthy diet, to be good on the outside we must be good on the inside.

You are the one who takes care of your body

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