2022: The era of anti-aging treatments and Facial Harmonization

March 20, 2024

It’s important to first understand that aging is a daily process, honestly, it never stops! And nobody is exempt from it; however, through various treatments, we can maintain the production of the agents responsible for our aging (collagen and elastin), always keeping them active.

At Medilight, rather than just offering services such as botulinum toxin, fillers, and other facial and body treatments, we provide a diagnostic service to define the necessary plan to achieve the facial harmonization you want and need.

What is facial harmonization?

Facial Harmonization is not a specific treatment, it’s a combination of different treatments considered to achieve the final and individual result for each particular patient.

It’s the combination of different treatments that will allow facial harmonization to be achieved, and over time, rejuvenation will continue to be visible.

anti-aging treatments and Facial Harmonization

What is the procedure?

We start by improving the condition of the skin, texture, spots, pores, veins, and any other aspects that cause imbalance to the skin, and then we address the expression lines, mainly using botulinum toxin. Depending on the case, other treatments such as threads, laser, fillers, and others are considered to be integrated into the diagnosis to offer complete harmonization without surgery.

anti-aging treatments and Facial Harmonization

Of course, there must be a combination with treatments and daily habits such as makeup removal, facial cleansing, application of hydrating serums, and daily sun protection with sunscreen. Good dietary habits and, of course, the recommended maintenance for each treatment are essential. It’s a team effort.

At Medilight, we have all the treatments available for what your face needs. That’s why I invite you to schedule your evaluation appointment so that together we can achieve the face you desire. If we keep the skin in continuous stimulation, it will always appear fresh and rejuvenated. +1 (786) 413-0785 | @medilightcenter

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