3 Non-invasive Procedures to Combat Sagging Skin.

March 20, 2024

The loss of firmness in the skin is natural, and although there are countless options in creams that claim to improve the condition of sagging, it is most advisable to turn to Medilight where we have trained personnel and the latest technology to advise you and guarantee optimal results.

The main cause of sagging is aging, when naturally we decrease the production of collagen and elastin, the main components responsible for keeping the tissue firm for many years; however, obesity, rapid weight gain and loss, stress, lack of rest, excessive sun exposure, and others, contribute to premature sagging.

Previously, the only way to see results was through invasive treatments. Today, thanks to technology, we have different options that I will mention here and that we practice every day at Medilight.

Thread Lift

Through this trending new treatment, we insert threads, approved by the FDA, into the skin tissue, forming a network that strengthens and forms collagen, while at the same time lifting the sagging area. These threads are made of a special biocompatible material that poses no complications.

Thread Lift

Facial Mesotherapy

This treatment is based on the application of injections with nutritional substances needed for the normal production of collagen in the area you wish to target. Hyaluronic acid, organic silicon, and a mix of vitamins are included in the treatments of this category.

And the most impactful treatment for the immediate results it offers is:


the only aesthetic facial treatment that uses dynamic muscle stimulation to provide a lifting effect from the first session, and exclusively, we have it at Medilight.


Be one of the first to obtain a new way of aging with the first and only treatment that restores a youthful appearance in a non-invasive manner and with no downtime through this treatment available in South Florida only at Medilight.

So schedule your free evaluation at (786) 413-0785 and remember that we are your facial allies.

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