All About Skin Spots, Their Origin, and How to Combat Them

March 20, 2024

Skin Spots

Today we’ll be discussing a problem that affects many: spots. These are alterations in the uniformity of the color of a certain area of the skin, presenting an aesthetic issue that can be mitigated or treated with the appropriate choice of a professional treatment.

It’s important to know that irregular hyperpigmentation is a problem experienced by both young and mature skin. It arises from the excessive production of melanin distributed unevenly on the skin’s surface, accumulating in certain areas, forming skin spots.

But, what is melanin?

Melanin is a substance produced by our bodies, responsible for giving color to the skin and acting as a defense mechanism against solar radiation. That is, sometimes the skin exhibits uneven melanin accumulation, appearing in the form of spots.

Now, how are these spots formed on my skin?

Sun exposure influences any type of skin spot, either temporarily darkening (freckles, moles) or permanently (melasma), or promoting their appearance on previously spot-free skin (lentigines or age spots, post-inflammatory pigmentations). Therefore, any measure aimed at combating or preventing the appearance of skin spots should always be associated with sun protection.

Here we must also include external factors such as acne, stress, poor diet, which provoke cutaneous irritative processes, internal and external, stimulating excessive melanin synthesis in the skin.

Additionally, age-related spots or skin aging-related spots, known as “senile spots,” also appear. Within the hyperpigmentation process, skin aging is another factor that favors the appearance of spots.

Skin Spots

Now, I’ll tell you about the most frequent spots that you can surely identify quickly.

  • Freckles and moles: These appear in childhood/adolescence and, unless advised by a dermatologist, do not require treatment.
  • Solar lentigines: This is a common aesthetic problem in both young and mature skin. For those who suffer from these spots, they are often concerned about them as well as the appearance of wrinkles. These types of spots present different shades of brown and accumulate on areas most exposed to the sun (face, hands, neckline), especially in fair-skinned individuals who do not tan easily. They contain an excess of the skin’s normal pigment (melanin). Although they do not require treatment, it is common to want to lighten and remove them.

Do you want to know how to treat the spots on your skin?

Skin Spots

First of all, it’s important to treat spots globally, reaching the origin of melanogenesis and blocking all processes that lead to irregular hyperpigmentation.

There are several treatments that will help improve the appearance of these spots. The best for this is laser, and combining it with other techniques such as microneedling, microinfusion, or PRP will lighten the color of the spots, completely brightening the complexion. There’s also chemical facial peeling, which is wonderful for spots, but remember to always apply sunscreen, hydrate well, and maintain a healthy diet. To look good on the outside, we must be well on the inside.

You are the one who takes care of your body.

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