Benefits of facial cleansings for radiant skin

May 15, 2024

The skin on the face is the most exposed to changes in temperature and environmental pollution. Over time, with the use of makeup and lack of care, it is common for the face to appear dull and with impurities. To improve these signs, it is recommended to perform regular facial cleansings.

What is a facial cleansing?

Deep facial cleansing is an aesthetic procedure that removes impurities, leaving the skin clean and revitalized. It helps reduce the risk of acne breakouts, improves skin texture, and enhances the effectiveness of facial care products.

Why do impurities accumulate on the skin?

Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental factors such as pollution, sweat, makeup, and natural oils. These elements can clog pores and lead to the accumulation of impurities, resulting in problems such as acne, dullness, and premature aging.

Advantages of facial cleansings:

Reduction of sebum accumulation and the appearance of enlarged pores. Improvement in skin texture and tone. Minimization of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Stimulation of the natural production of collagen and elastin. Effective treatment for acne and blackheads. Help in preventing premature aging.

How often should a facial cleansing be done?

The frequency of facial cleansing will depend on the skin type, as well as the type of cleansing being done. It is recommended to have a facial cleansing every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain healthy, impurity-free skin.

Facial cleansing procedure:

  • The typical facial cleansing procedure begins with gentle skin cleansing to remove makeup and surface impurities.
  • Next, a gentle exfoliant is applied to remove dead cells and clear pores.
  • Then, comedones and blackheads are extracted, accompanied by ultrasonic peeling and microdermabrasion.
  • Finally, high frequency is applied to close the pores, followed by a customized mask to hydrate and revitalize the skin.

At Medilight, we understand the importance of radiant and healthy skin. Our facial cleansing protocol has been designed to provide visible and lasting results.

Book your appointment today and discover the benefits of facial cleansings with Medilight! Your skin will thank you.

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