Early Facial Care: Let’s Talk About Sephora Kids

March 21, 2024

What is the Sephora Kids phenomenon?

Cosmetics stores like Sephora have become a favorite destination for preteens thanks to the viralization of beauty routines on social media, a phenomenon known as Sephora Kids.

The skincare culture, popularized on the internet, has introduced terms such as serum, retinol, and hyaluronic acid into girls’ vocabulary. However, there is concern when seeing girls, referred to as Sephora Kids, seeking expensive products in high-end stores to prevent aging, a trend that could have dermatological and psychological consequences for these girls.

Early Facial Care

Important Precautions: Child skin is not adult skin

Nathaly Gerbino, our facial care specialist, emphasizes that “it is essential to remember that children’s skin is different from adults’. Products containing abrasive or anti-aging ingredients are not suitable for children’s delicate skin.” It is crucial to exercise caution and choose products specifically designed for children’s skin.

The Positive Aspects of the Sephora Kids Trend

Despite the controversy, the trend has positive aspects worth highlighting. Teaching girls from a young age about skincare promotes self-esteem and emphasizes the importance of facial hygiene and sun protection, an essential habit that prevents skin cancer. However, it is crucial to address this issue with caution and knowledge.

Early Facial Care

Recommendations for Children’s Facial Care

If your daughter wants to be a Sephora Kid, keep in mind that when it comes to facial care for children, consultation with a dermatologist is essential. These professionals can provide personalized guidance and specific recommendations. In general, light moisturizers and gentle cleansers adapted to the specific needs of children’s skin are recommended.

By promoting skin health from a young age, we can cultivate positive habits and build the confidence of new generations, always reminding them that beauty comes with health.

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