Facial Spots: How to Treat and Prevent Them?

March 21, 2024

Believe it or not, when it comes to aesthetics and beauty, spots are one of women’s major concerns. And as classes begin and summer ends, it’s a time when we see an increase in spots, especially if you live in a warm city or one with an almost perpetual summer like Miami.

Facial Spots
Facial Spots

The main thing is to understand that the sun causes cumulative damage, activating melanocytes to produce more melanin, and consequently, creating more spots. Therefore, it is vital to protect oneself from the sun properly.

How can I prevent facial spots?

Applying sunscreen every day and reapplying it every 2 hours if you’re at the beach or pool, avoiding prolonged direct sun exposure, and using accessories that protect you like caps, hats, and sunglasses, are pieces of advice that specialists repeat because the consequences can go beyond just spots; but that’s another topic.

Do facial spots occur with the sun?

The thing about spots is that they are not only caused by the sun. These can be triggered by various factors, but among the most common besides sun exposure, there can be genetic factors, skin injuries, hormonal changes.

For example, pregnant women going through significant changes, just as contraceptives can also be a cause.

In any case, prevention is crucial, and you can easily start it at home by including in your facial care routine the application of a stabilized Vitamin C cream in the mornings.

This is not only an antioxidant that helps your skin look much younger but also helps prevent the spot from darkening. Just like your monthly visit to your MedSpa.

Facial Spots

If you’re under 45, prevention is the key. This is the age when they start appearing and becoming noticeable the most, so whatever your case may be, we invite you to Medilight Miami for an evaluation with our facial scanner using the latest technology to deeply understand your skin’s needs.

Schedule your evaluation by phone at (786) 413-0785 and remember that at Medilight Miami, we are your allies for your face and body.

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