Let’s talk about facial harmonization, our formula to rejuvenate your face.

March 20, 2024

Every day, we live in a race where the passage of age leaves traces and marks on the skin. It is important to consider that every day we undergo an aging process.

Women and men, the skin knows no distinction, but aging tends to be more forgiving for those who have considerations and care for their skin. From a simple skincare routine at home, such as facial hydrations or aesthetic treatments done by professionals.

Every day we age, and every day we also require care for our skin to delay aging.

False beliefs about facial harmonization:

  • Facial harmonization is not a specific treatment; on the contrary, facial harmonization depends on the needs of each skin, the patient, and the changes or touch-ups to achieve natural and harmonious results with the type of skin and face.
  • When we talk about facial harmonization, we are not talking about a single common treatment for all patients.
  • Facial harmonization does not depend solely on the patient’s desires but on what is aesthetically possible and appropriate.

Now, debunking these false concepts of facial harmonization, you might wonder,

So what is facial harmonization?

It is the fusion of different protocols achieving a fresh and rejuvenated face.


It is designed for women and men who want to have a more harmonious face, make some changes and/or improvements in the face. The specialist, after evaluating the patient, aiming at these elements, treatments, and products, can achieve an incredible final result.

Let us explain simply what your case might be: prominent dark circles and a jawline to harmonize, while another patient’s case might involve drooping eyelids and expression lines to attenuate or minimize. Both cases require prior evaluation, but treatments for each patient’s harmonization are different and very specific.

At Medilight Center, we offer specialized care, oriented towards the well-being and satisfaction of the patient with professional results, highlighting beauty in each individual harmoniously.

If you have doubts or want to experience facial harmonization firsthand by professionals with desired results, write to us to schedule your appointment.

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