Together is Better: 3 Beauty Plans to Enjoy as a Couple on Valentine’s Day

March 21, 2024

We know that bouquets of flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears are classic gifts for Valentine’s Day, but why not do something different this year? Psychologists suggest that dedicating time, kind gestures, and affection is what truly matters on this special day. And what better way to put these tips into practice than by enjoying a romantic skincare plan together?

Imagine a morning or afternoon together, relaxing while receiving facial treatments to give that special glow to your faces. It’s the perfect way to celebrate love, friendship, and take care of yourselves at the same time!

1.A Relaxing Treatment

Together is Better

Medilight Medical Spa in Doral has a romantic plan for you and your partner. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that includes a deep facial cleansing, getting rid of all those impurities with extractions, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling, and a relaxing mask. But that’s not all! You’ll also enjoy a rejuvenating treatment with platelet-rich plasma, so you both look more radiant than ever. Are you ready to experience this with your loved one?

2.Botox for Couples

If you convince your spouse of the wonders of Botox (the spa favorite), it will smooth out expression lines and naturally rejuvenate their appearance. This treatment will have a special Valentine’s Day price of $9.9 per unit (on special days and with limited availability).

3.Better with Friends

Together is Better

Sport irresistible lips! Bring your best friend and enjoy Valentine’s Day discounts together. The aesthetics experts at Medilight will make your lips look naturally plump.

This treatment not only adds volume but also hydrates and rejuvenates the delicate skin of your lips.

This Valentine’s Day, let yourself be carried away by beauty and love at Medilight. Book now (+1 786 413 0785) and enjoy a different experience with your partner or friend.

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