Sagging neck and face, How to combat it?

Woman with the Face flaccid

Sagging neck and face it shows aging and lack of vitality within the facial harmony; and as it is a very important issue within the majority of my patients

This month I decided to write about a technique that works very well as is the fractional rf with microneedle (FRM), a technology that can slow down or away from the knife at the facial level.

What treatments may be used for the sagging neck and face?

Through the combination of radio-frequency, micro-needles and facialswe can offer a simple treatment, rapid recovery, and as a result never seen before within the new technologies in aesthetic medicine.

Woman with the face flaccid

What helps us, the radio frequency to sagging?

lets us through its micro-needles, to optimize the transmission of a radio-frequency fractionated according to the need of the patient, managing to protect the surface of the skin.

In this way, to guarantee the incorporation of his daily life almost immediately.

Using these micro needles isolated at various depths, we protect the epidermis tissue, to minimize the patient's discomfort by stimulating the collagen which in turn helps to tighten and resurface the skin with a superficial damage to a minimum.

How long is the treatment against sagging?

The amount of sessions depends on each case, but the general recommendation is two to three sessions, with 2 to 3 weeks of intermediate and where you will see results at the same time.

But at the level of firmness and texture from the second week and will continue for up to six months and in some case up to twelve months.

Face flaccid

Us in Medilight, more to offer the service we recommend you to go to your assessment in order to define if this is the best treatment for you.

So if the sagging facial or body is your priority.

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