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Nathaly Gerbino

I decided to now use this platform to show you and teach you about the treatment that I have been applying throughout my career, my name is Nathaly Gerbino and I am the CEO of Medilight center of aesthetic medicine and weight loss.

Here I'll be discussing all of my treatments, how they work and what are its benefits, you will also find endless tips that will make you look splendid

And not only that!

Here you can also find out all my custom classes, special courses and trainings -Online or face-to-face- to train you as a beautician professional and begin your venture

Medilight Academy

I want to enjoy and make the most of this space that is created only for YOU! A woman who seeks to be the best version of herself 

“You're just as amazing as you let yourself be”

Get in touch with us for more information about treatments, courses, events and more:

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