Medilight Center

A magical fusion that made it possible Medilight Center in the city of Miami
Together with a multidisciplinary team in the area of aesthetics, in Medilight we seek to bring an experience in the care of face and body of our patients with the best results, the most demanding.
Medilight Center was born in Caracas-Venezuela for more than 10 years to be recognized as a center of Rejuvenation and Aesthetics. Then in 2020 in the united States, looking for the formula to understand and continue to serve our patients in a time of pandemic, without affecting the quality of service, professional and personalized care, She manages to realize Medilight Center, Med Spa & Laser in the city of Miami, from the hand of our co-founder Niurka Gomez, an expert in marketing and business in the area of beauty.
“Together, we aim to provide our patients the best treatments for the care of face and body always maintaining the high standard of quality and good service, with a Premium experience”

Meet Nathaly Gerbino

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of aesthetics and beauty, is the Founder and Director of the “Center of Aesthetic Medicine and Thinning Medilight” in Caracas - Venezuela 18 years ago.
Bold, determined and a fighter are just some of the words that describe Nathaly, from a very young age he decided to start his own business.
With studies in Medicine, Aesthetics, and a refinement of the Techniques that are most current in aesthetics, have allowed him to create protocols MEDILIGHT, giving visible results to the patients.

You know Niurka Gomez

Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, with a vision of the business, is a Specialist in Marketing and Public Relations in the field of beauty, with more than 15 years of experience in creating solutions for their customers, also the author of the book “The business behind the beauty” and CEO of the news portal

With more than 10 years in the area of cosmetology, founded Medilight in the city of Caracas - Venezuela, then expand it to the city of Miami.

Discipline, professionalism, and dedication has led to progress in an accelerated manner in the city of South Florida.

Prepared in the best schools of cosmetology and a graduate of the Florida Medical College, She is coming today with a team of professionals to give the best to their patients, that day seeking to look and feel beautiful with her treatments and recommendations.

Likewise his passion for teaching the bears want to share their techniques with other professionals and to spread the knowledge.