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It will depend on your facial evaluation with the specialist, who will determine how many units of botulinum toxin to use after observing your expression lines while making facial gestures.

A Botox® treatment involves the strategic application of microinjections in designated areas by our specialists. These injectables work by temporarily weakening the treated muscles and relaxing the skin, resulting in reduced appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. This approach provides subtle and natural rejuvenation, in harmony with your unique expression.
  1. Crow’s Feet: We diminish wrinkles that form at the corners of the eyes, enhancing your look with a rejuvenating effect.
  2. Frown Lines: We soften the vertical lines between the eyebrows, eliminating the appearance of tension and creating a more relaxed facial expression.
  3. Forehead Lines: We address the horizontally extending wrinkles on the forehead, providing a smoother and more youthful appearance.
  4. Worry Lines: We treat the horizontal lines that may form on the forehead due to repetitive facial expressions, creating a serene and fresh appearance.
  5. Décolletage: We extend our treatments to the décolletage area to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, providing smoother and more even skin in this exposed area.

In each of these areas, our careful and professional approach ensures excellent results and a rejuvenated appearance in harmony with your natural beauty.

Absolutely! Dermal fillers, or fillers, are safe and widely used procedures in the field of aesthetics. They are FDA-approved and administered by experienced professionals to ensure excellent and uncomplicated results. If you are considering fillers, we would be delighted to provide detailed information in a personalized consultation. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority.
Radiesse® is a safe and effective collagen stimulator that we use to restore volume and smooth wrinkles. It consists of calcium microspheres that stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production. This provides natural and lasting results, gradually improving the appearance.
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