Meet the treatment with a lifting effect that everyone is talking about: TriLift

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Today, there are more and more people who want to beat time, but not everyone wants to or can undergo surgery. With TriLift, surgery has taken a step back because of TriLift’s amazing results.

Read on, to find out more about this treatment, that men and women talk about.

What it’s TriLift?

It is the first facial treatment to use dynamic muscle stimulation for a facelift-like effect. This treatment that you can do in just 30 minutes, will make your face look smooth and show a lifting effect in a short period of time.

The TriLift is the new NON-INVASIVE aesthetic procedure that achieves an effect similar to that of a facelift. It is a facial toning device. This trinomial procedure encompasses three types of treatments focused on: combating skin aging, eliminating flaccidity, the loss of luminosity and superficial wrinkles.

TriLift focuses on where it all begins, the muscles of the face, can help you with the rejuvenation of the areas where the first signs of aging begin to appear little by little.

Meet the TriLift Technology


Tripolar Radiofrequency

The TriLift platform, works with 3 different applicators of RF, that differ in size, for different areas to facilitate treatment. With this you get immediate results from the first session. This it is not just a rejuvenation treatment, it is a treatment that trains the facial muscles to create a unique tensor effect.


Dynamic muscle stimulation (DMST)

This achieves the toning and elevation of the muscles, generating a lifting effect on the skin, by smoothing textures, reducing wrinkles, and toning the muscles.


TriFX Radio-Frequency with Micro needles

This technology manages to increase the natural volume and renew the skin, matching and leveling the texture of the epidermal layer, reaching a thermal effect that leads to a healing process to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. The process is achieved through micro needles, which are ultra fine and create the ablation process.

What makes TriLift different?

Lifting facial Antes y después

Lift, tone and define your face without surgery


Soften and renew the skin


Treat fine and deep wrinkles and scars


Improve the tone of the face

Achieve a natural healing process, and tone with an extremely tensor effect, combining ultra fine micro-needles for thermal ablation and coagulation of the dermis, to achieve through the combination of techniques, a lifting effect without surgery on facial skin.

How many sessions do I need to see results?

You will achieve results immediately with noticeable effects in 3 sessions. This is a Non- invasive confortable treatment, with short-term results, zero downtime, comfortable post-application treatment and without presenting adverse effects that put the patient’s health at risk.

The best thing about TriLift is that all these devices can be done in a complementary way with each other or separately, everything will depend on the needs of the skin.

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Thanks to the #TrilLift, you can renew your beauty inside-out with just a few sessions.

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